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Never is it late to express”. Ilona Musiatowicz’ artistic expression on canvas began later in life with a passion to incorporate her global perspectives and travel experiences into dramatic, interpretive and one of a kind pieces that include bold graphic designs painted on canvas. Using motifs and printed artwork on silk incorporated with oils and acrylics on canvas she interpreted her perspectives and travel experiences into vibrant Dali-esque creations that inspire self reflection and make powerful social statements.
Born by the Baltic Sea in northern Poland she began her journey at the age of 21 when she moved to Sitges, Spain. Surrounded by the rich culture, art and music and being inspired by artists such as Piicasso, Gaudi and Dali-the latter of which became her most profound influence, she began developing her artistic vision and style.

Having travelled and lived in many countries as in the Dominican Republic, China, Italy, Netherlands and the UK and also being in the epicentre of the counter culture movement in Ibiza in the late 90 and early 00’s, Ilona’s reflective and borderless creations draw from her exposure and interaction with the varied cultural and social experiences in her life.
Ilona’s earlier works during these times were focused on visual performances and Haute Couture style shows that integrated her love for music, fashion and contemporary dance into unique and celebrated events.
Ilona Musiatowicz current period of artistic expression uses canvas as a medium in vibrant graphic designs painted with oils and acrylics and custom digital prints on silk on canvas. Ilona recreates her love of movement, music and style using the two mediums to produce works that show dynamism in a contemporary style and yet staying true to the expressionist and surrealist movements.


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